Distributed Automated Testing in the Age of Docker and Kubernetes

The Industry trend on Continuous Delivery has made things change a lot, that development, testing, and deployment are fully integrated for all practical purposes; it is clear that progress in development strategy is equal to growth in QA and testing strategy. Kubernetes proves this with efficiency and readiness.

We shall take a look at the Selenium ecosystem specially the Selenium Grid – used to help distribute your automated tests. It can be a bit daunting to get up and running. Starting it is quite easy, but using it effectively can require pulling in third-party tools. We shall see how to effectively leverage the container technology to manage these server.


  • What is Docker?
  • How Docker containers are helpful in the Testing world
  • How to Dockerize your tests
  • What is container Orchestration
  • What is Kubernetes(K8’s)
  • How to Scale your Selenium Grid

Manoj Kumar

Manoj is a Technical Lead at Applitools, a Selenium committer and a member of the project leadership committee. He is an open-source enthusiast and has contributed to different libraries that help test the apps better with libraries like Selenium, ngWebDriver, Serenity and Protractor. He is also the author of a Selenium blog AssertSelenium and an Accessibility enthusiast.