Advanced Test Automation Techniques for Responsive Apps and Sites

Responsive web design has become the preferred approach for building sites and apps that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience on any phone, tablet, desktop or wearable device. However, automatically testing these responsive sites and apps can be quite a challenge, due to the need to cover all supported layouts, their respective navigation, and visible content.

In this session we will demonstrate a complete Selenium-based automated test for a popular responsive website.


Session Takeaways:

  • You will learn how to effectively design responsive page objects.
  • Understand how to implement generic tests that work for all the layouts of your app, control the browser’s viewport size in order to accurately target layout transition points, incorporate layout-specific assertions in your tests, and visually validate the correctness of your app’s layout.
  • We will also share tips and best practices for test planning and execution.

Moshe Milman

Moshe is the Co-Founder of Applitools – a cloud service for automated Visual Testing. As part of his role at Applitools, he helps dozens of companies across the industry implement state of the art test automation suites. Moshe is passionate about Software Testing and frequently give talks about it in various conferences around the globe.

Before starting Applitools, he served at various VP roles overseeing product, QA and professional services. Moshe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the Technion Israel’s Institute of Technology and MBA from IDC (Wharton Business School GCP Program).

Kanika Pandey

Kanika is the Regional Director for Applitools in Australia. She has been a part of many large organisations in the digital world over the last 15 years including the likes of Google and Infosys. In her last role at Perfecto, she has been instrumental in driving sustainable business growth for Perfecto in APAC by helping large enterprises get on to the automation journey as a part of their digital delivery goals.