Synthetic Monitoring at Atlassian

Learn how Atlassian uses continuous synthetic monitoring and integrates them in all stages of the deployment pipeline to speed up and simplify automation testing. Continuously monitoring the core functionalities of your application from the customer’s perspective can help improve visibility and alert you of customer impact before they do.

We are sharing Atlassian’s recent improvements on how we continuously monitor JIRA Cloud using Synthetic checks. We’ll dive in the benefits of having symptom-oriented monitoring across a distributed ecosystem, quick troubleshooting flow of events with video visualisation and the experience of how this allowed us to detect incidents faster and sharper.

Learn our approach on adding this second layer of monitoring and making it easy for independent teams to monitor the stability of core functionalities when deployments are released by the hour, and new features rolled out at any time.

Mauro Badii

Mauro Fernandez Badii is SRE at Atlassian, watching over the prominent issue tracking system: JIRA. With his past supporting cloud customers and monitoring solutions, he developed tools that keep users updated during incidents. Graduated in Software Engineering he also monitored AS/400 servers for IBM and supported Tango/04 enterprise monitoring.