AI and the Agile Testing Reverse Singularity

You may have seen Hollywood movies or read sci-fi novels that refer to “The Singularity”, the point where AI evolves too fast for humans to catch up. Fortunately this threat is still a long way off, but there is another which is much closer; “The Reverse Singularity”.

The new normal of software delivery is to always do more with less time, people and money. At some stage we will come to a point where we have come as close to this goal as possible without being able to surpass it, and this is known as “The Reverse Singularity” of software delivery. This obstacle is a white hole we will not be able to enter unless we completely automate the delivery of software. We have gone a long way towards automation and some organisations are almost there but in all cases it involves a compromise between the need to go fast and the risk to quality.

In this presentation, Etienne will share with us his insights about AI in test automation and discuss the areas where AI can help the agile testing community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Where does AI come from?
  • What is the technology?
  • What can it do / what can’t it do?
  • How does it fit in the agile software delivery process?
  • How do organisations currently ensure the quality of the user experience?
  • Who does what, when and how?
  • How does it fit in short delivery cycles?
  • Compromise between exhaustivity of coverage and speed
  • How does visual testing automation solve the issue?

Etienne Sillon

Working in IT for the last 30 years across various roles in the SDLC (Applications and Systems programmer, Technical Architect, etc), I have witnessed the evolution of software development technologies and processes and the impact of Digital Transformation on IT organisations with the renewed focus on Customer Experience and the increasing need for Software Quality at speed. With a keen interest in AI and Machine Learning, I have been helping organisations leverage new and disruptive technologies across the business from enabling customer engagement and self service to automating test processes and I am very excited to share this experience and discuss the role of AI in achieving complete automation in the SDLC.