Intelligent Test Automation Systems

Today companies spend more time and money on creating and managing their automation test cases than running tests and finding defects. In my experience, on an average 35% of test automation budgets are exhausted on maintaining test automation suites to keep the pace with application changes.

Future Test Automation Solutions need to have intelligence capabilities like self-configure, self-heal and self-clean. Intelligent Automation Systems will be able to read into application under test and configure most commonly used test cases automatically, detect any changes to configurations, conducts impact analysis and adjust the automated test cases and keep a track of test data generated in the system and if needed clean up the data after test execution.

In this talk, I will share on how the development of these capabilities are approached by various vendors and how the roadmap is looking like. Also, how the organisations can get ready to take the best advantage from these emerging capabilities.

Deepak Puri

Deepak is CEO and founder of QualityArc, a Melbourne based QA Consulting firm. QualityArc is a niche organisation focusing on QA governance and Test Automation. Deepak has over 25 years of international experience in Telecom and IT consulting. Over the past decade, he has focussed on Testing and QA strategy, design and management, and has extensive experience in successfully delivering large testing transformation projects.