Code of Conduct

Dear conference participant/ sponsor/ speakers/ staff:

We value your attendance at our event. We hope you enjoy this event and feel safe. Please take a note of the code of conduct that applies to everyone present at the event. Conference organisers reserve the right to expel or sanction the violators without a refund.


We want everybody to feel welcome at ATTAC and believe everyone has a right to participate at the event. The event has a zero tolerance policy towards harassment, bullying and discrimination in any form.


ATTAC is a place to learn, to network and to have fun. We do not tolerate yelling, screaming, intimidation or offensive language. We do not tolerate harassing behaviour towards anyone on the basis of sex, race, disability or age. We do not tolerate sexual language and inappropriate imagery

Reporting Breaches

If you feel unsafe, threatened or harassed, or notice someone being harassed, please contact one of the conference staff. You can also email us at to report an incident.