Building Insightful Dashboards: A Game Changer

While building software, do you talk about success and how it’s going to be measured?
Do you know how many users are really using the feature your team released recently?
I have been in projects where we built software but never went back to see if or how customers used it. So, I embarked on a journey to change that and I’m here to share with you:

  • How I got started with creating product metrics
  • What we measure now and how these dashboards influence the team to think about the customers
  • How metrics are shared with the team in effective ways
  • Challenges that came along the way
  • Why it was worth the hustle.

This talk will address these questions:

  • Create easily accessible metrics for product, development, testing and release decisions.
  • How to get started with building dashboards and best practices.
  • How to increase awareness in the development team about customer behaviour and experience.
  • Ideas on how to define and measure success.
  • Ideas on how to influence a team’s focus from delivery to customer impact.
  • How to build empathy in the development team towards end-users.

Sonal Keyal

Sonal is a Quality Analyst at MYOB who is passionate about driving continuous improvement in practices of software delivery teams. She is currently championing her team to build insights on product usage and patterns to build better customer experiences.