Autonomous deployments : An inside out approach to automated releases

In recent years cloud platforms have dominated the world of software architecture and with this shift we have also seen the emergence of disposable containers which allow systems to replicate, heal and predict outages given just a few lines of configuration. But with these more complex architectures come new testing challenges, as well new automation opportunities.

In this presentation Scott will share with us an automation approach to rapid software delivery that focuses on the use of disposable, isolated and lightweight containers to run functional and performance tests at each stage of the CD build pipeline.

He will also share how his team used an inside out approach to develop tools and applications to be consumed by other internal teams to help and support their development processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insight to Docker, Kubernetes and other Cloud based technologies
  • Approaches on using disposable containers for functional and performance testing
  • Automated testing inside a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • Implementing both Pre and Post deployment validations
  • Utilising Log Monitoring, Synthetic Testing and Canary Testing
  • Learnings from implementing these tools and processes through an inside out model

Scott Griffiths

A Senior Test Engineer at Woolies X, the digital arm of the Woolworths group based in Sydney.

An open-source enthusiast, I have been primarily involved and interested in backend test and build automation, with a particular focus on performance, API and Event streaming frameworks within CI/CD pipelines.

Now based in the core platforms team, where we have the opportunity to innovate, analyse, develop and implement engineering efficiency tools and processes which in turn are used and consumed by other teams across a number of different streams within the business.