Automation before integration – does service virtualization work?

This topic focusses on shifting automation as far left as possible. This brings with it some challenges – can we really automate in a non-integrated environment? The common answer to this is service virtualisation, but does virtualising a system really work? Do our virtualisations rapidly become as complex as the system itself? How do we realise the benefits of service virtualisation without getting trapped in a maintenance nightmare? If organisations truly want to shift gears to DevOps, these are questions that need answering. In this presentation Karl will explore the benefits and applications of exploratory testing in the automated world of software testing.

This talk addresses the following key topics:

  • What is the promise of Service Virtualization?
  • Why is Service Virtualization a must-have for DevOps?
  • The anti-pattern – virtualizing for the sake of a system
  • The anti-pattern – virtualizing for the sake of a user
  • How ‘application service virtualization’ leads to a maintenance nightmare
  • Using Service Virtualization to enhance testing capabilities and risk coverage

Karl Wood

Karl Wood is a Senior IT Leader with 14 years of experience across software development, solution architecture and quality assurance within the Finance, Telecommunications, Consulting, Hospitality and Gaming domains. He has been a customer, supplier and consultant across multiple digital transformations, which has given great insight on common hurdles and developing industry agnostic solutions, specifically specialising in complex integration work, including:

  • iPhone1 release and launch for Singtel/Optus
  • Vodafone AU digital shop launch
  • Macquarie MSG trade clearance re-platforming
  • Toyota Financial Services retail CRM re-platforming

In his spare time he enjoys development on his SmartCity mobile app – Habit@