Adventures of end-to-end automated web testing in Node.js

Node.js is so hot right now. Whether you’re looking at quality engineering jobs at a new and upcoming startup, or at an established corporate, chances are you’ll see Node.js on the tech stack. But establishing automated e2e web testing in Node.js is hard since it’s very different to traditional web automation technology. In this talk Alister will use nearly four years of Node.js experience to bring clarity to the somewhat confusing Node.js landscape, going into detail on things like asynchronous promises, ECMAScript transpiling, npm vs yarn and monorepos.

Alister Scott

Alister is a Software Quality Engineer at Console Group in Brisbane. He previously worked at Automattic on and ThoughtWorks. He has extensive experience in automated software testing and establishing quality engineering cultures in lean cross-functional software development teams. He writes a software testing blog at