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11th May 2018








Melbourne Convention Centre

1 Convention Centre Pl

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Advanced Test Automation Techniques for Responsive Apps and Sites

Moshe Milman and Kanika Pandey

Responsive web design has become the preferred approach for building sites and apps that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience on any phone, tablet, desktop or wearable device. However, automatically testing these responsive sites and apps can be quite a challenge, due to the need to cover all supported layouts, their respective navigation, and visible content. In this session we will demonstrate a complete Selenium-based automated test for a popular responsive website.

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Continuous black-box monitoring of cloud applications at Atlassian

Mauro Badii

Learn how Atlassian uses synthetic monitoring to reduce (and some times eliminate!) the need for automation testing. We’ll dive in the benefits of having symptom-oriented monitoring across a distributed ecosystem, quick troubleshooting flow of events with video visualisation and the experience of how this allowed us to detect incidents faster and sharper.

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Intelligent Test Automation Systems

Deepak Puri

Future Test Automation Solutions need to have intelligence capabilities like self-configure, self-heal and self-clean. Intelligent Automation Systems will be able to configure most commonly used test cases automatically, detect any changes, conduct impact analysis and adjust test cases and if needed clean up the data after test execution. In this talk, I will share on how the development of these capabilities are approached by various vendors and how the roadmap is looking like. Also, how the organisations can get ready to take the best advantage from these emerging capabilities.

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